Nachchimale Stream – A happy place for many

natural bathing places in Sri Lanka

The Nachchimale stream in Ingiriya is a necessary visit for any tourist or local that loves being amidst nature. This natural stream forms a pool at the foot of the hills and is in the forest; beyond lush greens and tea bushes. You can spend a day by this natural stream, relax, take a break, or even enjoy a nice picnic while you are at it.

Runakanda Forest Reserve – Part of the Sinharaja

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The Runakanda Forest Reserve has a village with just three homes inside of it. One of the lesser explored reserves in Sri Lanka; this place is a wonderful haven for bird watchers especially if you love spending a day amidst the lush green nature. The forest is part of the bigger Sinharaja forest and has a similar terrain too.

Paniyawala Rain Forest – The green world

yagirala forest kalutara district

Locally recognized as the Sinharaja Forest, the Paniyawala rainforest has a lot of things to observe if you stopover the place. From lush green surroundings to local birds and animals, this place is a magical wonderland to any person who loves the natural world and everything it has to put forward.

Raja Maruna Ella – The Waterworks

raja meruna ella falls kalutara district

The Raja Maruna Ella Falls is a natural attraction which is about seven metres tall and can be found in the deeper parts of Kalutara. Located in between Baduragala and Hadilla, this waterfall also has a cave to its name, but it isn’t accessible unless during severe droughts. It is not advisable to enter them anyway.