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Foodie discoveries are always a fun part of travelling to a new destination and dining in Kalutara is no different. Culinary adventures abound in this part of the island be it scintillating seafood made fresh from the day’s catch, spice-filled Sri Lankan dishes or classic international cuisine.

Do they offer only seafood? No. Kalutara restaurants based around hotels and resorts in the area offer not only classy sea food but also trendy international cuisine and delectable local dishes as well. Enjoy your favorite comfort foods by the sea or dine in at fine dining establishments with a touch of luxury. Check out our list of restaurants and bars below.

Being near the sea means that you will find some great bars and pubs here where you can chill out and enjoy everything from sunset cocktails to fine wines as the stars come out to play.

Restaurants & Cafés


Restaurants in Kalutara , Sri Lankan Cuisines



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