Preparing for a Family Beach Getaway – Fun Times Galore by the Shore!

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When it comes to a place the whole family will enjoy, you can’t go wrong by choosing the beach! That said, there are some important things to keep in mind before your trip.

Beach Holiday

Find a Suitable Beach

Depending on where you live or plan to go on holiday, there may be more than one beach to choose from! For example, while Kalutara Beach, Sri Lanka is an ideal spot to enjoy laid-back fun, other south coast beaches featured on travel sites the likes of Travel Kalutara offer water sports options.


Pack the Essentials

Remember to pack all the essentials before you head to the beach in order to avoid hassles later on. Effective sunscreen is a must, while a beach blanket, fold-up chairs, sunglasses, extra towels, hats, umbrellas (just in case!) and even a first-aid pack are worth having on hand too.

Food and Drinks

Pack snacks and other food items because chances are after playtime, the kids are going to be famished! Remember to bring food that won’t melt and having it in Ziplock bags or separate boxes helps. A cool box / cooler is great to store drinks and water which are ideal to keep the family hydrated.


Items for Clean-up

A beach holiday might be fun but cleaning up can be messy especially since sand will get into all your clothing! Bring extra sets of clothes if possible and reusable plastic bags which can be used to keep wet clothes and rubbish / leftovers. Wet wipes, baby powder and dry towels are also handy to have.


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