Plan Your Family Beach Trip – For an Unforgettable Holiday by the Sea

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The beach, be it in your home country or a foreign destination, is an ideal place for a family getaway. Here’s a quick guide on things you should keep in mind.

Find the Right Beach

Remember, not all beaches are created equal! Find one that has clean shores along with accommodation options too. For example, Kalutara Beach, Sri Lanka is an ideal beach to spend time at and online resources such as Travel Kalutara provide information on what you can do here and where to stay.


Check the Weather & Tides

Do check what the weather will be like when you plan to visit be it the temperature, humidity level or if there’s a chance of showers. Also, see what time the tide comes in and goes out and if the ocean is safe for swimming as well.


Pack the Essentials

Make sure to pack all the “essentials” for a beach holiday; these include swimsuits, sunhats, lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, a beach blanket, towels, toys, snacks and water / drinks. It also helps to have a waterproof dry bag to keep your phone, travel documents, camera, etc.


When It’s Time to Return

A beach may be a fun place to go to, but with all that sand and water it can be messy too. Take some reusable plastic bags to put wet or sand-filled clothes and other items. It’s useful to have hand sanitizer, tissues and wet wipes as well as a sperate bag to put any rubbish to dispose of properly.

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