Etiquette tips for doing business meetings in Sri Lanka – Reaping successful outcomes

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Any business meeting will not be productive and effective if you, as an attendee of the meeting do not adhere to proper meeting etiquette.

Be punctual, always!

If the business meeting is at 9.00 am, make sure you arrive at your meeting venue at least by 8.45 am. Even if you are in Colombo and the meeting is at a property like Anantara Kalutara Resort,  ensure you leave on time to get there in time. Today, travelling for events in Kalutara is not a big deal thanks to the Southern Expressway which saves you time like never before.

Be mindful about the agenda

It is the normal practice to email the agenda to all participants of the meeting at least a week in advance. So, as an attendee, make sure you know the timing of each segment of the meeting by going through the agenda you receive thoroughly.

Don’t let your phone interrupt everything

Before the meeting starts, always have your mobile phone switched off. This is one way to retain attention and also to show respect to the job in hand.

Pay attention till the end

For a successful business meeting, paying attention is one key requirement. Take notes if certain things tend to slip your mind.

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