Signature Spa Treatments at Kalutara Resorts – A Journey to Inner Healing

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Not only do resorts in Kalutara offer ideal coastal getaways, but also a chance to experience true holistic healing at onsite spas. Here are some of the signature treatments you can look forward to.

Spa in Kalutara
Anantara Kalutara Spa

Shirodhara Treatment

Based on the age-old traditions of Ayurveda, Shirodhara can be experienced at a spa in Kalutara. This treatment entails having a special herbal oil continuously flow onto your forehead. Helping to relieve stress, nourish the scalp and hair and improve memory, it also improves circulation to the brain.


Abhyanga Treatment

Another Ayurveda-based therapy, Abhyanga involves warm herbal oil being used in a revitalising full body massage. Available at properties the likes of Anantara Kalutara Resort, this treatment extends from the feet right to the base of the head to stimulate inner balance through the pressure and rhythm of the massage.


King Coconut Therapy

Indigenous to the island, the king coconut is also utilised for certain spa treatments in Kalutara. This can include a king coconut-based scrub for skin rejuvenation, compress for muscle restoration and massage for deeper relaxation. Local blog sites like Travel Kalutara offer more insights on such spa rituals in this destination.


Restorative Tea Journey

Sri Lanka is famed for its tea which is even used in some spa therapies. A warm tea bath soak is an ideal way to experience healing through the antioxidants in tea that are released; additionally, a revitalising green tea body scrub, detox wrap and body massage with essential oil help to bring that sense of complete wellbeing.

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