Makeli Ella falls in Kukuleganga – The bride’s veil

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The Makeli Ella Falls is about 10 metres tall and from afar, looks like a sheer white veil spilling off a bride’s headpiece.

makeli ella falls sri lanka
The cascading beauty of Makeli Ella falls


Surrounded by granite stones that have been eroded by water over the years, this waterfall flows amidst a scenic part of Kalutara, namely, Thumodara. The water flows down and forms a pool at the bottom, and beyond that, going 6 metres downhill, it meets the Kuda River and mingles with the sea through the Kalu River.

makeli ella falls kalutara district


This fall is one of the prominent waterfalls in Kalutara district and can be easily reached from Matugama or Kalutara. Routes are as follows.

Kalutara ➡️ Nagoda ➡️ Neboda ➡️ Kalawellawa ➡️ Bulathsinhala ➡️ Molkawa ➡️ Makeli Ella

Mathugama ➡️ Lathpandura ➡️ Molkawa road ➡️ Kelinkanda road ➡️ Makeli Ella


The area around the Makeli Ella falls and the falls itself is at risk due to a new project that is underway near Kukule Ganga. The soil that is displaced by the developers could result in collecting up at the stream and silting it up permanently.

water falls in kalutara district sri lanka
The Downstream flows all the way he Kuda river and then to the Kalu River


Before the project began, this falls was a local favourite for baths, but now, you can find a viewing platform only, and bathing is prohibited in the pool below the falls.

from the of themakeli falls
The sheer drop to the deep base pool

A Word of caution

DO NOT get into the water in the base pool no matter how good a swimmer you are. According to the villages, about 39 lives were lost in this place due to the sheer depth. You can, however, have a safe path upside of the falls. Use the platform built for observations to safely admire the beauty of the fall.

makeli falls kalutara district
The small fall at the top

Last but not least: Protect the environment

Let’s conserve this amazing natural attraction for the future generations. hence

  • Do not leave behind any garbage or throw stuff into the water. Put waste only in the bins provided.
  • Be responsible travelers and do not engage in acts that would damage the flora and fauna.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol on the premises.

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