Amazing Waterfalls around the Kalutara District – Nature Perfection!

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Kalutara sits along the south-west coast of sunny Sri Lanka, starting off what is the islands most popular stretch of sun, sand and sea. Here is where the River Kalu flows into the arms of the Indian Ocean, a place home to silvery waterfalls just as alluring as the ocean, listed are the best.

Makeli Ella Falls

Makeli Ella | Travel Kalutara
Makeli Ella | Travel Kalutara

A rustic location and a silvery cascade which is thought to resemble a bride’s lace veil, makes Makeli Ella one of the most popular and beautiful places in Kalutara. The falls are 10 metres in height and fall amongst large granite boulders which have been shaped and carved through the years. Take along the bathers folks for before the falls you will come across a lovely natural pool, perfect for cooling off after your trek to the waterfall. Head 6m downstream and you will stumble upon a lovely little islet called Thumodara, yes, take along the cameras too. Learn more about Makeli Falls exploring the best of Kalutara attractions, there are plenty of tailor-made sources such as Travel Kalutara.


Ahas Bokku Ella Falls at Athwelthota

Ahas Bokku Ella, Athwelthota | Img. Courtesy: Sri Abeywickrema

The name may be a mouthful but these falls boasting a height of 30 metres is well worth the trek. A treat for all nature lovers; ahas meaning ‘sky’ and bokku meaning ‘intestines’ which gives you the illusion of the falls being in the folds of the sky. You can reach the falls via the Baduraliya to Kalawana Pass; the falls are 5kms from the Ambatenna Bridge, also called Ahas Bokkuwa and a further 1.5kms along the Kumburuhena Road.


Maha Ella and Bala Ella Falls

Maha Ella, Morapitiya | Img. Courtesy: Sri Abeywickrema

Maha and Bala in Sinhalese translates to ‘elder and youngster’, which kind of denotes the size of these two small falls located close to the larger Mara Kapu Ella Falls. To get to these two falls you need to travel back along the road leading to Mara Kapu Ella and journey 3kms along the river bank, heading upstream. The experience will be one of wonder for all nature lovers, do take along the cameras, but moreover get ready to enjoy nature in all its pristine beauty.


Marakapu Ella Falls

Mathugama Marakapu Ella Falls | Img. Courtesy: Ashan Geeganage via Amazing Lanka

Located within Agalwatta in the Kalutara District, this stunning waterfall graces the confines of the Sinharaja Forest, the largest rainforest in Sri Lanka. Falling from a height of 16 metres the falls are surrounded by rocky outcrops and lush greenery. Marakapu Ella is most stunning after the rainy season, spewing silvery strands of water surrounded by mist and the howl of the wind. In the dry season, the waterfall is reduced to a sliver of silver running along the rocky walls.


Ginigedara Ella Falls

Ginigedara Falls | Photo by Kasun Chathuraka

This rustic cascade falls a total of 14 metres to a cool cave at the base; this feature sets the falls apart from the rest and is one of the more unique waterfalls one will encounter in Kalutara Sri Lanka. The name translates to ‘house which caught fire’ telling a dark tale of a family homestead located close to the falls which caught fire, thus killing the family residing within. Not located on the beaten path, this cascade is noted for its bio-diverse surroundings and is a favourite amongst environmental students.

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