Raja Maruna Ella – The Waterworks

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The Raja Maruna Ella Falls is a popular natural attraction in that part of the island, and though Sri Lanka has many beautiful waterfalls to its name, this falls holds a special place too.

waterfalls in kalutara district
Photo: © Niroshana Edirisinghe


The Raja Maruna Ella waterfall is about seven metres tall and can be found in the deeper parts of the region, where there are many hidden waterfalls in the Kalutara district. It is said that there are 26 waterfalls in Kalutara district and we strive to blog about them all.


Please note that above map shows the approximate location of the falls which isn’t listed on Google Maps. Travel past Baduraliya towards Badurugalla junction and turn right onto Hedigalla road to reach Badurugalla estate road. The estate road is in bad condition and you’ll have to travel about 1.5 km to reach the falls.

Kalutara ➡ Mathugama ➡ Baduraliya ➡ Badurugalla junction (Hedigalla road) ➡ Badurugalla estate road ➡

The Waterfall

raja maruna ella waterfall
View from the top | Photo: © Niroshana Edirisinghe

Falling down in between two large rocks, the Raja Maruna Ella falls is a beautiful sight indeed. Behind the water streaming down, you can also find a cave that goes in as far as 5 kilometres. The cave itself is not visible or even accessible unless there is an extreme drought.


raja meruna falls baduraliya
The view from the falls towards southern mountains | Photo :  © Niroshana Edirisinghe

Legend has it that when a king tried to hide in this cave while being chased by enemies, he got trapped inside due to heavy rainfall and died inside then caves, thus the name Raja Maruna.

Please protect the environment while you visit the place. Leave only footprints and take only memories. ( And photos of course 😉 )

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