West Coast Tattoo Studio, Kalutara – The talent hub for tattoos

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tattoo parlours in sri lanka

If you like art on your body, which is tattooing, by the way, you would know that the most popular tattoo parlour in Sri Lanka is in Kalutara.

About the parlour

The West Coast Tattoo Studio is popular in the area among the foreigners and locals alike. If Trip Advisor reviews are anything to go by this is one of the best tattoo shops in Kalutara.

west coast tatto studio kalutara sri lanka


This form of body art has been around for centuries now and is highly popular in many parts of the world. Different cultures have varied ways of tattooing, but almost all forms use needles and inks, whether it is artificial ink or natural.

tattoo equipment used in the studio


The process of tattooing punctures your skin’s topmost layer with the needle and places the ink inside. As it is a skin breaking technique, the tools used on one person cannot be used on another person; this might cause serious infections or turn the ink colour blue.

tattoo parlors in sri lanka


People tattoo for various reasons, but for most, it is a way to speak of their passion for something, and also portray their most important person or motto in life. The West Coast Tattoo Studio has some very talented tattoo artists and is much loved by its customers.

tattoo artworks and designs - a lotus


The studio is located in the Nagashandiya junction, some 3.1 km to the North from Kalutara town. Just go past the junction and take the first left to De Abrew Road and drive about 100 m.


No17, Abrew Road, Mahawaskaduwa South, Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Phone :

+94 071 576 8911

Opening Hours :

10.30 AM – 7.30 PM (Everyday)

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