Discover Brief Garden – The Residence and Garden of Bevis Bawa

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Of all the greatest places to see within easy reach of Kalutara, the Brief Garden still ranks on top for its sheer elegance and natural beauty.

brief garden bentota by bewis bawa
Lush greenery is all around | Photo Credit: Dulith Kasun


Located about a 21 Km from Kalutara and 7 km away from Aluthgama, this garden was owned by Bevis Bawa, who put his heart and soul into creating this timeless beauty. You can find everything from sweet-smelling green rooms to decor done by world-famous artists in here.

bevis bawa brief garden sri lanka
Tranquility is abundant in Brief gardens | Photo Credit: Dulith Kasun

The Home

The house itself used to be the residence of Bevis Bawa, a sibling of the great architect Geoffrey Bawa and portrays Sri Lankan life in the most vivid way possible.

bevis bawa brief garden
Inside the residence | Photo by Nova

Many prominent events have taken place amongst these trees over the years, and now, it is open to visitors and anyone who loves a quiet place to meander in.

interior of brief garden residence
Interior, overlooking the garden | Photo © Indu Bandara 
brief garden in aluthgama
A moonstone, Following the designs of ancient Sri Lankan temples | Photo by Amor Fati 

Going in

lunuganga garden bu geoffrey bawa

An Exquisite garden adorned with lush greenery: Photo by Deepi

The garden has a forbidding gate that is covered by plants of all sorts and once you enter the green area, you’d find iconic sculptures in every corner.

From monsters pouring water out of their mouths to beautiful angels holding up flowers, the designs cover many eras and range from Hinduism to Christianity and more.

At Present

The buildings in the area serve as hotels and overnight stays now, and if you want to experience one of the most honoured retreats in Sri Lanka, you must stay here.

Contact & Entrance Fees

Mr. Dan De Silva is the Director operations of this place and you can contact him on on 94 34 22 74462  for more details on the Brief Garden.

The place is open from 8 am – 5 pm daily. To visit the garden and the bungalow you’ll be charged LKR 1,000 and to visit only the garden the entrance fee is LKR 300.


Bewis : The Bawa of Brief 

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