Ginigedara Ella Waterfall – A lesser-known blissful cascade

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Pouring between two mighty rocks and dropping down a height of 14m, this waterfall is a sight to behold and must not be missed when touring the area.

ginigedara is a lesser known waterfalls in kalutara district
Ginigedara Falls, water plunges in to a dark cave | Photo by Kasun Chathuraka

How to get there

Located near Bulathsinhala in Kalutara, you have to cross three main roads to get to these falls. The most opted route is the Horana road that leads to Kalawella. You will come across a junction at the 4th kilometre and then, take a left turn and travel for another 2 kilometres.

The trek

Once you reach the end of that path, it takes a steady trek through a rubber plantation and a short walk from the last house in the area to get to the Ginigedara Ella Waterfall.

What to expect

closer look at the ginigedara falls
view from the upper section of the rock  | Photo by Sachith Samuditha

Getting there might not be the easiest route, but once you reach the falls, you will know it was worth the effort. Thought this is the lesser known falls in the area, with the bigger waterfalls taking the coveted positions, the Ginigedara Ella Waterfall makes up for its size with a gorgeous cave-like atmosphere.

The vicinity

ginigedara falls lower section
Lower part of the falls: Photo by Sachith Samuditha

Being a prominent location for most environmental tours, the area around the water body is biologically diverse and is a must visit, therefore.

Please protect the environment while you visit the place. Leave only footprints and take only memories. ( And photos of course 😉 )

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