Temples to Visit in Kalutara District – Kalugala Monastery

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monks walking in kalugala monastery
Buddhist monks on Pindapatha. You’ll only see monks during meal times | Photo credit: Kalugala Monastery

The assortment of religious sites and landmarks within Kalutara district are testimonies to the morality and values that the people of Kalutara hold. This historic city stands at the forefront of religious history and well-being and is among the most sought-after regions for Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Christians alike. Among things to do around Kalutara are the temples, which portray the rich history of Buddhist culture in contemporary fashion.

Kalugala, located on the outskirts of the Baduraliya area within the Kalutara District, is a sanctuary well-known for its environmental diversity as well as its spiritual propensity.

The temple is patronized all-year long and is ideal for devotees looking for spiritual fulfillment and nature lovers who want to experience breath-taking natural surroundings within the highly populated Western Province.

on the way to the kalugala monastery
A Journey to the monastery through the tranquil forest | Photo Credit: kavindawahalathanthri_

tranquil paths amidst the forest
Since the monastery is located within the Sinharaja forest reserve, paths like this are abundant | Photo: Sahan Yr

The temple stands as the ideal venue for Buddhist devotees to spend hours of contemplation and meditation. The statues and architecture are certain to mesmerize not only the local pilgrims but also the tourists who are new to such an experience. Even a short visit to Kalugala is certain to fill your spiritual void, and prepare you for the upcoming days.

kalugala senasanaya in kalutara district
Staircase to the temple | Photo Credit: කලුගල සෙනසුන – Kalugala Monastery
stone inscription in kalugala
Sri Dharmadveepa stone Inscription: Photo by Yamith Samaranayake
small stupa in kalugala temple
The Small stupa in the temple | Photo Credit: _lahirusampath

As the Kalugala Temple is located within a jungle reserve, access to the venue will be quite an experience in itself, but the achievement at the end of the journey will be a fulfillment on its own.

walking paths for meditating monks, sakman malu
Walking paths for meditating monks | Photo: Sahan Yr

The shades of greenery hovering over every nook and corner, as well as the wide bio-diversity, will be a sight to behold. The indigenous birds, gentle reptiles, and other wildlife will make for many opportunities of exploring and photography.

How to get there

If you’re coming from Kalutara take a bus to Matugama. Thence catch a bus to Badureliya. You’ll have to walk about one hour through a tranquil forest to reach the temple.

From Down south take a bus from Aluthgama to Pelawatta and continue the journey through the lush greenery about one hour on foot.

The best way to gain the ultimate Buddhist temple experience would be to visit the venue in the morning hours and make sure to wear white attire to blend in with the immaculate nature of the surroundings, as well as to in the process cleanse your mind of any worries of the outside world.

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