Beruwala Lighthouse – Essential Travel Tips

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aerial view of the beruwala lighthouse
Aerial view of the Barberyn Lighthouse | Photo Credit: Ritu Daniela

Situated around 80km away from the capital city of Colombo, Beruwala is a coastal area belonging to the Kalutara District. Beruwala is famous for its beach strips, a wide range of accommodation, fishing activities and religious venues. The town holds high significance for Sri Lankan Muslims, at it marks the spot of the first Muslim settlement within the country.

Apart from the religious heritage, Beruwala is highly prominent for the fishing and ocean-based lifestyle of the villagers. If you’re looking for a day trip from Kalutara, Sri Lanka, Beruwala offers a range of attractions and places to visit. This vibrant town is located just 30 minutes away from Kalutara towards the south coast.

Among them is the Beruwala Lighthouse, which is located on Barberyn Island. The Lighthouse came to life during the British era and has been in existence for around 120 years. The tower is fully functional to this day, operating for 12 hours between sunset and sunrise.

Barberyn Island Lighthouse
Barberyn Island Lighthouse | | Photo Credit: Shammas Ibn Annes

The British authorities built the Lighthouse as a navigational aid for ships reaching the island nation during the late 1800s and early 20th century. Given the rough nature of the seas experienced in this region at certain times, the Lighthouse was also used as a traffic signal to warn ships of dangerous areas.

a small boat anchored in beruwala lighthouse jetty
You can arrange a boat ride to the Island with fishermen. Prices start at 2,500/= | Photo Credit: Shammas Ibn Annes

The tower was highly busy during the British era and has been used at a minimal level ever since. To reach the island and the tower, once reaching Beruwala, head over to Maradana Road from Galle Road. Roundtrips to the island could be arranged with the fishermen at the beach.

Guided tours of Barberyn Island could be arranged with the caretakers of the tower, who are also ever-prepared to offer insights and details about the history of the Beruwala Lighthouse.

A drone capture of the lighthouse
A drone capture of the lighthouse | Photo Credit: Aslak Sladey
view from the top of the lighthouse
View from the top of the Beruwala lighthouse – Photo Credit: Shaz

Below are some tips to help you enjoy a fruitful visit to the Beruwala Lighthouse:

• Plan the trip for the morning hours so you can spend maximum time at the venue.

• Decide on the route you want to take, and make sure to plan your transport accordingly.

• Learn about the schedules and time durations if you are planning to take a public bus

.• Speak to the local fishermen to plan a roundtrip journey to the Barberyn Island. Make sure to negotiate the prices.

• Have a fully charged camera to take photographs of the lighthouse, as well as of the surroundings.

• Make sure to carry some snacks to enjoy on the way and during the visit.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Beruwala Lighthouse and do share your experience with us afterward.

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