Country Home of Renowned Architect Geoffrey Bawa – Lunuganga Estate

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geoffrey bawa residence
The residence is adorned with classical furniture | Photo Credit : Mälkiäinen

A country home for Sri Lanka’s most renowned and beloved architect Geoffrey Bawa; the Lunuganga Estate covers an area of 15 acres. Bawa developed and maintained the house and gardens for 40 years.

places to see in bentota
The house of Geoffrey Bawa | Photo Credit: Ravindra Amladi

The man

A reluctant lawyer born in 1919, Geoffrey Bawa discovered his love for local architecture in the late 1940s, when he bought over the Lunuganga Estate. Following which, he went on to become the island’s most recognised and prolific architect. His ashes were buried at Cinnamon Hill in 2003.

The Estate

lunugagna garden bentota
A sculpture in the garden | Photo Credit: Bofred / Feature Furniture

The Lunuganga Estate was known to be the muse in Bawa’s architectural work and masterpieces. It was here where he experimented with ideas and structural designs. His house is a museum of ancient paintings and photographs – well preserved in time.

geoffrey bawa house bentota
A Kerosene powered fan | Photo Credit : serenatog

The gardens

geoffrey bawa lunuganga architecture
Lush gardens of Lunuganga | Photo Credit: Gilbert Pool

The gardens are sprawling with exotic plants and trees. It has been said that Bawa tied weights on branches so they would spread out like an eagle and then trained peacocks to perch themselves on these branches.

The lake

geoffrey bawa lunuganga architecture
David by the lake…| Photo Credit: Ravindra Amladi

Lunuganga translates to ‘Salt River’ and is located in the coastal town of Bentota, approximately 22 km from Kalutara. The estate offers breathtaking views of the Bentota Lake, while also providing boat tours.

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