Geoffrey Bawa’s final project – Anantara Kalutara – An Epitome of Sri Lankan architecture

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A perfect blend of the island’s colonial charm and the rich culture of Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa completed his final project by designing Anantara Kalutara Resort.

geoffrey bawa hotel anantara kalutara

The famous architect

sri lankan famous architect bawa

In 1995, Geoffery Bawa, the iconic Sri Lankan architect was commissioned to design the resort on a golden stretch of land located between sparkling Indian Ocean and the estuary of the Kalu Ganga. Visitors keen on staying at a Geoffrey Bawa hotel will find his work at Anantara Kalutara a true masterpiece.

The location

upper deck bar anantara kalutara

The unique characteristics of this location was used to feature with the design of the hotel. Offering stunning views of the river and the ocean, Anantara Kalutara Resort became the last treasured work on Bawa.


lobby of anantara kalutara

Bawa’s architectural works are famous around the island. His designs of the resort are a perfect example of how he ensured the maximum space was used of the building and the land while maintaining its aesthetic value.


reception at anantara kalutara resort

The main building is complete with a towering gable roof; believed to be its most iconic design feature. The high ceiling allows for a free flow of breeze while offering an unhindered view of the lagoon, ensuring each guest feels at ease and in complete freedom when they enter this Geoffrey Bawa architecture masterpiece.

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Anantara Kalutara Resort

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