Craft Lanka – An Excellent Place to Buy Local Handicraft Products

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Intricate and sometimes intriguing too, handicrafts in Sri Lanka make for truly unique mementoes and souvenirs. When in Kalutara, Craft Lanka is one of the best places to go to in order to buy some of these much-loved products.

craft lanka show room kalutara north
Craft Lanka show room in Kalutara North, Located right at the end of the bridge

Traditional Sri Lankan Handicrafts

Interlinked with local culture and folklore, Sri Lankan handicrafts have a proud history. The creation of many of these items is akin to an art form and is a unique skill that has been passed on from one generation to another.

fabric handbags in sri lanka
Beautifully crafted fabric handbags ,pencil cases and Wallets
sri lankan traditional art designs
Sri Lankan traditional batick arts

The Focus of Craft Lanka

Craft Lanka is focused on developing and protecting traditional local industries including handicrafts and handloom textiles. It is one of the reputed handloom shops in sri lanka that empower local craftsmen. It has 14 outlets in Sri Lanka’s Western Province including two in Kalutara (South and North areas).

Handloom Fabrics

One of the main items that can be bought here is handloom fabrics. Painstakingly made by hand, these beautiful fabrics have been used to make everything from sarees to shirts and other cloth based products including bags and purses that have a unique look, design and texture.

craft lanka handlooms
Handloom fabrics with intricate textures

Other Handicraft Products

Those visiting Craft Lanka in Kalutara can also look forward to purchasing traditional masks and drums, miniature elephants carved from wood and products made from coir or red clay. There are also fascinating trinkets and toys that are part of the wonderful handicrafts the island is famed for.

souvenir shopping in sri lanka

sri lankan souvenirs

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