Aluthgama Kande Viharaya – One of the tallest sitting Buddha statues in the world

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kande viharaya aluthgama photos
The Sitting Buddha statue of Kande Viharaya. (Height : 160 feet)

This iconic temple is home to one of the world’s largest Buddha statues and is also a symbol of resilience for Aluthgama residents.


Built in 1734, the viharaya had sections added to it in 2009, notably elements that were similar to the Sanchi Stupa in India. The Kande Viharaya itself has been in existence since the 18th century, acting as a symbol of resilience against the colonial powers and the toughness of the people of its town.

kande viharaya temple
Balou46, LK-aluthgama-kande-vihara-tempel, CC BY-SA 3.0


Located within easy reach of Colombo, the Buddha statue is 160 feet tall. The temple has a library, museum and a few devalas within itself; these were all additions made during the years after its initial establishment.

Though many architectural changes have been made to the Kande Viharya, its grounds remain unscathed and are still the same from ancient days.

Entrance to kande viharaya temple aluthgama sri lanka
The entrance to the Kande Viharaya temple

Going in

aluthgama kande viharaya photos
Buddha statues inside the shining room | Balou46LK-aluthgama-kande-vihara-tempel-02CC BY-SA 3.0

The walls of the chamber are filled with actual size figures of the many kings of Sri Lanka and once you go inside, you’d see the various statues and teachings of Lord Buddha.

new shrining room at kande viharya
Murals and artworks of the new shrine room | Photo by gurlinpurple


One of the chambers inside the temple has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu and therefore, you can find both Hindu and Buddhist visitors at this viharaya.

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