Canoe Expeditions in Kalu Ganga – A Journey along an Iconic River

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kalu river , Kalu ganga in sri lanka
Calm waters of Kalu River is perfect for a canoe ride

The island of Sri Lanka is bountiful when it comes to breathtaking eco-tourism destinations and one of the finest of such experiences available is a canoeing adventure through Kalu Ganga.

The River

The name of this magnificent water-body translates to ‘The Black River’, and is named after its characteristic colour which makes it a very mysterious locale. The water for the river is supplied through the mountainous Central Province forests as well as the legendary Sinharaja Reserve.

kalu river flowing amidst the forest
Peter in s, Kalu River 1, CC BY-SA 3.0

It’s Ideal for Bird-Watchers

kingfisher is a common bird in sri lanka
The Kingfisher, Always on alert  | Photo via Pixhere CC0 Public Domain

For avid bird-watchers, this is an ideal retreat since there are many varieties to be seen. The water is also very calm, allowing travellers ample time to study eccentric and captivating species of winged-creatures.

There are Many Religious and Historical Sites around the River

Sri Lanka is a very mystical place, with an intriguing history and culture. As a result there are many intriguing temples and historical attractions that make it an essential experience. You will discover such sites as ‘Saman Devalaya’, along the Kalu River which is a notable temple for Buddhists.

Saman Devalaya Ratnapura
Saman Devalaya Ratnapura | Photo by Amila Tennakoon , CC BY 2.0

An Education in Tranquillity

The waters of the river flow very gently, and the river itself is incredibly wide. For the most part, the only sounds you would hear are the splashes of your paddles and a symphony of animal sounds. It is a therapeutic escape from the chaos of the civilised world.

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