Ketchimalai Mosque – A Beruwala landmark

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Ketchimalai Mosque- Beruwala, Sri Lanka
yimhafiz, Ketchimalai Mosque- Beruwala, Sri Lanka, CC BY 2.0

Beruwala is a town by the beach that is highly populated with mainly Muslims and, therefore, it isn’t surprising to find a unique mosque in the vicinity.


The history of the Ketchimalai Mosque dates back as far as the 12th century when the muslims from Yemen visited Sri Lanka for the first time. The Kings welcomed them all warmly, and thus, they settled in the place which is now known as Beruwala. Graves of the some of the oldest settlers are located nearby. Hence, Ketchimalai Mosque is considered one of the oldest masjids in Sri Lanka.

If you’re wodering what is the oldest mosque in Sri Lanka, It is Masjidul Abrar Jumma Mosque also located also in Beruwala.


Ash-Shaikh Ashraff Waliullah was a royal prince from Aden (Former capital of Yemen) pioneered in establishing this settlement. After Waliullah passed away, a tomb was created for him. And one day, when cleaning the tomb, the chief of the Maradana Mosque in Beruwala was poked by a thorn after which he fell asleep. In his sleep, Waliullah came to the chief and asked that the land of the tomb be dedicated to him.


Ditance from Kalutara – 13.9 km

The mosque is located about 1 km off the Colombo – Galle Road and shortest way is to take right near the Beruwala Post office. Follow the Mangala road and take a left to Maradana Road which leads straight to the Mosque.

Going in

As soon as you enter the mosque, you’d see the prayer hall, which is the largest room in the building. The water for the ablution is set right before the entry to the hall so the people who come in to pray can wash, clean up and be ready for prayers. Non-muslims are allowed to visit the mosuqe and usually there will be a person who shows people around. The mosque affords glorious views of the Indian Ocean and nearby fishing harbor.

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