Beaches around Kalutara, Sri Lanka – Some of the Top Beaches in the West Coast

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Kalutara, a district in Sri Lanka’s Western Province is emerging as one of the top tourist coastal destinations on the island. This is because of its many amazing beach destinations around it, best of which are as follows.

Kalutara Beach

waskaduwa beach sri lanka
Waskaduwa beach – Photo Credit Dani El W via Instagram

The Kalutara Beach itself is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. Known for its sunny and warm climate almost throughout the entire year, the Kalutara Beach is a long undisturbed stretch of golden sandy beach strip which starts from Waskaduwa and terminates at the estuary of Kalu River.

These pristine conditions, coupled with the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean have given these beaches reputation for being one of the most tranquil and beautiful coastal areas in Sri Lanka.

A unique feature of the beach is the fact that the Kalu River flows into the ocean in close proximity to the beach, making water sports like rafting and boating all the easier. The coconut palm fringes, the quaint vendors along the coast, and the relaxing ambiance truly make Kalutara Beach one you must not miss out on!

Beruwala Beach

Stunning blue coastline of Beruwala
Stunning blue coastline of Beruwala | Photo suresh23c

Beruwala Beach is also located in the Kalutara District and is regarded as one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of Sri Lanka. The Beruwala Beach is actually part of a 130km stretch of beach that has, over the years, become a hotspot for tourist activity and the hotel industry.

Warm temperature and bright sunny skies all year along complement the heavenly golden sandy beach, making the Beruwara Beach ideal for tourists who just want to spend the day out on the beach. The beach is great for sunbathing and has good conditions for water and beach sports too. Thus, there is no doubt that Beruwala Beach is one well worth a visit.

Bentota Beach

bentota ventura beach sri lanka
Bentota beach a long stretch of wide beach and is also called Ventura beach

Although not strictly in Kalutara, as Bentota falls within the boundaries of the Galle District, the Bentota Beach is just a few kilometers out from Kalutara and is very easily accessible. Considered to be the water-sports hub of the west coast, the excellent climate, breath-taking beach and warm clear waters make the beach ideal for spending hours outdoors.

The beach stretches out for quite a distance and, despite its reputation, is not too crowded. Thus, a visit to the Bentota Beach will not only allow you to witness and explore one of the best beaches in the west coast, but you will also be able to try out some awesome water sports. It really doesn’t get any better than that!!

Mount Lavinia Beach

mount lavinia beach sri lanka
Mount Lavinia beach, Colombo skyline in the vicinity Veronika Koliášová

If you are heading out of Kalutara towards Colombo, you can even stop at Mount Lavinia Beach. Located roughly about 30km away from Kalutara, the Mount Lavinia Beach is arguably the most popular beach in Colombo.

With a golden sandy stretch of beach that spreads for a few kilometers, the beach is known for being home to some of Colombo’s best beach restaurants.

The Mount Lavinia Beach does have the tendency to get a bit crowded towards the evenings, but it’s not all bad as watching the youth and families visiting the beach is a great way to see the community.

Hikkaduwa Beach

pristine hikkaduwa beach in sri lanka
Hikkaduwa is a beach lovers paradise | Photo Credit: rohan_maxi

Hikkaduwa Beach has located in the Galle District of 50km away from Kalutara. Why go all the way to Hikkaduwa when Kalutara beaches are just fine you ask? Well, Hikkaduwa is one of the hottest tourist locations on the west coast. The coastline is dotted with many restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

There are also many shops with cheap clothing and unique beachwear. The beach is absolutely fantastic and ideal for all water sports. It is also worthy to note that Hikkaduwa has a party culture, so keep your eyes peeled for any wild beach parties!

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