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Rice and curry, Pol sambola (Coconut sambol), Kiribath (Milk Rice), Kadala (Chick Peas), Mung Bean, Kevum and Kokis, Idi aappa (String Hoppers), Aappa (Hoppers), Kalu dodol, and Kottu roti – just some of the most iconic dishes seen in Sri Lanka.

string hoppers in sri lanka
A mouthwatering Sri Lankan breakfast – String Hoppers, Coconut Roti, and dhal curry | Photo Credit: Mana

The land of grams, vegetables, fruits, and spices is never short of a tasty meal at any time of the day. The culture of Sri Lanka is partly projected with its culinary delights, and this island nation has been well popular for its food just as it has been popular for its beaches, wildlife, hill country, heritage and cultural events.

types of roti available in sri lankan eateries
Various types of stuffed and non-stuffed roti, delectable short-eats – Photo Credit: Georgia Stares

Ever felt how all these meals live up to the hype and leave you mesmerized at every bite? How this nation, such a small country in size, looks strong enough to challenge any other country with culinary prowess?

delicious egg hoppers for breakfast
Egg hoppers, You’ll forget all about pancakes – Photo Credit: LucyPea

Have you ever felt like being a part of this entire journey and cook up some delightful Sri Lankan dishes for your loved ones?

sri lanka cooking class at anantara
Learning the craft of Sri Lankan cooking with Spice Spoons

The Spice Spoons Cooking Class at Anantara Kalutara Resort is just what you might be looking for. Equipped with experienced chefs with an inclination towards Sri Lankan cuisine, this Sri Lankan cookery class takes you on a journey of an array of flavors and spices.

sri lankan rice and curry
A simple yet satisfying lunch – Rice, and Curry | Photo Credit: Georgia Stares

Choose your preferred dish from the list in the menu, and prepare for a cooking session to remember.

cookery classes in sri lanka - spice spoons
Chef is ready for lessons

The chef at the resort will join you in picking the ingredients needed for the dish and take you through the entire process of preparing it. The guests not only get a glimpse of Sri Lankan cuisine but also gather a thorough understanding of the methods and sciences of preparing such a dish.

shopping for ingredients for the cooking class kalutara
Shopping for ingredients in markets of Kalutara before cooking

If you feel that you are missing out on a valuable opportunity, plan your visit to Anantara Kalutara Resort and booking your Spice Spoons cooking session right away. We won’t promise much, but we are certain to see another talented chef in the making.

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