Spend a Day With Anantara Spa – A Luxurious and Unparalleled Wellness Experience

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spa in kalutara

Sri Lanka is no stranger to luxury resorts, but not all of them are the same, and if you’re seeking a retreat from the daily grind to a realm of therapeutic splendour, Anantara Kalutara is ideal.

The Spa is Massive

The establishment has over ten rooms, with six single rooms and four specialised for couple-treatments. In addition to those there’s a beauty salon and a reflexology pedicure area.

Experience the Ancient Art of Ayurveda

Legend has it that this medicinal knowledge was passed down to man from the Gods themselves, and you can experience Ayurvedic treatments for yourself conducted by the finest in the trade, at the Anantara Spa and enter a world of unimaginable mental and physical comfort.

Special Treatments for Kids

The wellness experts of Anantara have specialised treatments for children where their comforting personalities will ensure your child will feel as if they are in the presence of their very own parents.

Incredible Facilities

The spa has a range of additional components such as multiple steam rooms, a yoga pavilion where special classes are conducted, and even a beautifully designed relaxation area that will fill anyone who enters it with a sense of inner peace by wrapping them in tropical tranquillity.

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