Ayurvedic Spa Treatments in Sri Lanka – Find Your Inner Balance

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Translated to mean “the science of life”, Ayurveda is a traditional lifestyle practice that is said to go back 5,000 years. Sri Lanka is one country where you can experience the authentic healing of Ayurveda that provides true balance.

  • Abhyanga

This body massage features the use of special oils that are not only warm but have been mixed with herbs. This foot to head massage incorporates pressure and rhythm to make the entire body feel nourished as well as to calm the nerves and make the limbs firmer. Abhyanga can be enjoyed at a spa in Kalutara and you can find out more at online resources like Travel Kalutara.


  • Pinda Sweda

This type of Ayurvedic spa treatment in Sri Lanka involves the use of hot pouches that contain medicinal herbs which are placed on the body. Available at properties like Anantara Kalutara Resort, Pinda Sweda has many benefits be it improving blood circulation and skin texture or soothing nerves and joint pains.


  • Shirodhara

The name for this treatment is derived from Sanskrit; “shiro” translates to “head” and “dhara” means “flow”. It features a continuous flow of herbal oil onto the forehead and benefits include improving memory, relieving stress, improving circulation to the brain and calming the mind.


  • Udwarthanam

Utilising herbal powder, this dry massage works great as a natural scrub too; it helps to remove dead cells while improving circulation to the skin as well. Amongst the other benefits, Udwarthanam is also believed to aid in removing cellulite along with assisting in reducing weight.

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