Types of Sri Lankan Weddings – It’s Quite a Monsoon Affair!

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Weddings are considered a great milestone in one’s life in Sri Lanka. Everyone in the family and extended family, neighbours, acquaintances are all invited, and they do attend, especially as there is an unlimited supply of free drinks and food. Here are some generic types to get you oriented.

Outdoor wedding decoration

  • Traditional Weddings

Tradition has long-standing roots in Sri Lankan weddings and differs according to ethnicity and religion. These could be very long affairs that start at the crack of dawn and go on for the whole entire day. They are very lovely to look at.2

  • Extravagant Weddings

Some parents use weddings as a sort of “financial flex” where they showcase their wealth and prosperity by having an extra-large of everything; guests, cakes, décor, drinks and food.

  • Diverse Weddings

Thanks to Sri Lanka’s diverse and multicultural population, the amount of “mixed” marriages is high, and this means a usually bizarre mashup of wedding customs and traditions. It is at best, an education.

  • Celebrity Themed Weddings

Celebrity themed weddings are when you “flex” your friend list. These kinds of weddings give prominence to politicians or other public figures while the bride and groom take the backseat.

  • Intimate Weddings

Relatively new to the wedding scene; these weddings are becoming more and more embraced by the younger generations. You will find mostly outdoor affairs like a beach wedding in Sri Lanka that is slowly becoming a popular venue. For more information check out Travel Kalutara or other such informative avenues.

Beach Wedding

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