Not into water sports? Try these activities in Kalutara for an unforgettable holiday!

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Looking to experience something different when in Kalutara other than water sports? The good news is there are plenty of rewarding activities to enjoy here for the whole family.

Beachside Yoga

Set amidst soothing ocean breezes and pristine sands, beachside yoga is one of the most relaxing things to do in Kalutara. Find a quiet spot on the beach at sunrise or sunset and go through your daily yoga routine while being serenaded by the sea.

 Cycling Tours

Kalutara is a great destination to explore via pedal-power! Certain resorts organise special cycling tours which take you to some of the city’s main attractions including the Kalutara Bodhiya, Richmond Castle and the Thudugala Waterfall. It always helps to know more about such sites though and local blogs such as Travel Kalutara are helpful resources that you can refer to.

 Watching Movies Under the Stars

Certain local properties including the likes of Avani Kalutara Resort offer outdoor movie screenings; watching classic or contemporary films under a starlit sky with your nearest and dearest is certainly an activity that is made more special amidst an island setting.

 Archery & Rifle Shooting

Here are two other resort activities one can look to try. Fans of Robin Hood, Green Arrow or Hawkeye will love getting to use a bow and arrow; on the other hand, rifle shooting gives you the chance to see if your marksmanship is as good as in the video games you play!

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