Experience the Thrills of Zip Lining – Hold Tight for an Adventure of a Lifetime!

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One of the most thrilling outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by casual and extreme adrenaline-junkies, zip lining provides an unforgettable adventure worth experiencing.

Zip Line

Origin Story

While you may think that zip lining was invented by extreme sports enthusiasts, in actual fact, it was developed by biologists! However, they didn’t use it for speedy thrills, but rather as a way in which to observe wildlife in a more clandestine manner which wouldn’t disturb them either.

Diverse Experiences

One of this activity’s most captivating elements is that each destination offers different backdrops. A good example would be trying zip lining as part of the top things to do in Kalutara, Sri Lanka; the ‘Glider’ adventure tower at Anantara Kalutara Resort lets you zip line 165 metres above the ground and over a lagoon near the ocean. If you want to find out more check out online resources like Travel Kalutara.

Is It Safe?

The simple answer to this question is yes, it is! However, do make sure the company providing the experience follows the needed safety precautions. Apart from the compulsory use of a helmet, the locks used are also important as is getting proper guidance from trainers before embarking on the “ride”.

Unforgettable Memories

Be it amidst rainforests and mountains or over lagoons and beaches, zip lining will be one of your lasting memories. While some people look to click selfies during this activity, a better option would be to use a GoPro strapped to your helmet; it’s a great way to remember the first-person view of your exciting experience!

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