Kosgulana Suspension Bridge – For a suspenseful crossing

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Known as the Kosgulana Sangili Palama in Sinhala, this is a suspension or a hanging bridge that hangs over a running creek or water body in Kalutara district.

kosgulana suspension bridge , kalutara district sri lanka
Located in a rural region the bridge doesn’t get much maintenance. Photo Credit: යමු අපි ලංකාව වටා


Compared to the bigger suspension bridges in Sri Lanka, the one in Kalutara is lesser known to the public but is well worth a visit. This bridge is at a height of about 750 feet above the water below and is made with 400 planks of Kitul. The bridge is also called Molkawa Cable Bridge which is the name used in Google Maps.

Getting There

The bridge can be reached via Bulathsinhala or Agalawatta towns. Via Bulathsinhala road is the shortest from Kalutara town which amounts to 48.5 km crossing the entire breadth of Kalutara district.

Kalutara ➡ Nagoda ➡ Neboda ➡ Udowita ➡ Warakagoda ➡ Kalawellawa Junction ➡ Bulathsinhala ➡ Yatagampitiya ➡ (Bulathsinhala – Molkawa road) ➡ Molkawa ➡ Kosgulana Suspension Bridge

Suggestion for day trips while visiting Kosgulana Bridge.

Turning left from Yatagampitiya and going about 1.5 km would get you to Pahiyangala caves.

Going 03 km further on the Bulathsinhala – Molkawa road would get you to famous Makeli Ella Waterfall.


kuda ganga , kukuleganga river
Kuda Ganga River flows fast 60 feet below the bridge | Photo Credit: යමු අපි ලංකාව වටා

The Sangili Palama is one of the more interesting places to visit in Kalutara district. The bridge itself is quite narrow, and two people can barely squeeze through when facing one another.

Did you know? Kosgulana bridge connects two provinces. You can walk from Kalutara District which belongs to the Western province to Ratnapura district that is located within Sabaragamuwa Province.


kosgulana sangili palama
Broken wooden planks with gaping holes | Photo Credit: යමු අපි ලංකාව වටා

Back in the days, these kinds of bridges were built using just ropes and wood, but now, they are being given a facelift with steel cables, which also provides more safety assurance than the ropes.

Walking through

kosgulana sangili palama kalutara district
Crossing the bridge is an adventure itself | Photo Credit: යමු අපි ලංකාව වටා

The bridge itself in about 65 meters long and hangs over the Kuda Ganga River, which is a part of the greater, Kalu Ganga River. Even today, hundreds of people walk on the bridge and get to the other side safely, but the standard of the bridge has deteriorated over time, so it’s wise to check before you get to walk on it. Gaping holes between broken wooden planks afford vertigo-inducing views of the flowing river below.




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