Beruwala Fish Market – Chaotic, noisy and beautiful!

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Beruwala Fish Market
Beruwala Fish Market , M.K. 2016 via Flickr , (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Beruwala is a charismatic fishing town located in the southern coastal region of Sri Lanka. Among many places of interests, the fish market is a must visit the place where you can indulge in a unique experience. Read on to know more about Beruwala Fish Market.



Beruwala is a town located in the district of Kalutara and Most of the people here do fishing as a mode of living. The fish market is the place where all the days catch are brought in and sold wholesale and retail.


What can you see here?

Beruwala fish market
Beruwala fish market, hare 🙂 via Flickr , (CC BY-ND 2.0)

To get the full market experience you need to arrive here early during the time the fishermen arrive at the market. If you get the timing tight you will be able to see a variety of freshly caught seafood ranging from prawns, lobsters, and crab and fish lots of it ranging from small to ginormous sizes.


Other attractions

Beruwala Lighthouse | Image Courtesy : @madsen.martin
Beruwala Lighthouse | Image Courtesy: @madsen.martin

After daybreak, the market gets too crowded making you leave the place, once you leave the place you can also visit many other places of interests located in Beruwala such as China Fort, Kochimalai Mosque and Galapata Temple and the lighthouse.


Getting there and more info

three wheelers (tuk tuk) in sri lanka
Sri Lanka Palma Tuk Tuk | Photo Source: Max Pixel 

You can reach here easily by a tuk-tuk from any part of the town and getting here will be even easier if you are stationed at a resort in Beruwala. If you need more information and if you are looking for a Kalutara travel guide you can make use of the Travel Kalutara site where you can know more information regarding the market, accommodation options nearby and other attractions in the Kalutara district.

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