Nachchimale Stream – A happy place for many

natural bathing places in Sri Lanka

The Nachchimale stream in Ingiriya is a necessary visit for any tourist or local that loves being amidst nature. This natural stream forms a pool at the foot of the hills and is in the forest; beyond lush greens and tea bushes. You can spend a day by this natural stream, relax, take a break, or even enjoy a nice picnic while you are at it.

Rambukkana Raja Maha Vihara – A historic icon

historical temples in Sri Lanka

The Rambukkana Raja Maha Vihara is an iconic temple that has a mystery slab with inscriptions that date back to the 1st century. Locals and tourists both visit this temple, as it is an ancient heritage site in Sri Lanka. The place is simple yet pretty and has a sense of peace and tranquillity about it.

Runakanda Forest Reserve – Part of the Sinharaja

strict nature reserves in Sri Lanka

The Runakanda Forest Reserve has a village with just three homes inside of it. One of the lesser explored reserves in Sri Lanka; this place is a wonderful haven for bird watchers especially if you love spending a day amidst the lush green nature. The forest is part of the bigger Sinharaja forest and has a similar terrain too.

Paniyawala Rain Forest – The green world

yagirala forest kalutara district

Locally recognized as the Sinharaja Forest, the Paniyawala rainforest has a lot of things to observe if you stopover the place. From lush green surroundings to local birds and animals, this place is a magical wonderland to any person who loves the natural world and everything it has to put forward.

Panadura Beach – The lesser known beach

panadura beach in sri lanka

Sri Lanka has many beaches to its name, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The Panadura beach is a gorgeous beach that allows you to chill and spend a nice evening watching the sunset in peace, without the noise that most other popular beaches might have. Avoid weekends and holidays if you are going for the ambiance.

How to plan your trip to Kalutara, Sri Lanka ?

kalutara town birdseye view

Are you interested in visiting a lesser known and underrated beach destination in Sri Lanka? Choose Kalutara, It has much to offer and being so close to Colombo it is pretty easy to getting in around. Be it you're a budget traveller or a luxury traveler there are many options to indulge in a fabulous tropical beach holiday.