Top beaches around Kalutara you should experience – Beaches to experience on a trip to the southwest

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The Kalutara beach in Sri Lanka is unspoiled with rich golden sands and fabulous blue waters that gleam in the glow of sunlight. Below are some of the best beaches to visit in and around Kalutara!


Kalutara Beach


Sunset at #kalutarabeach
Sunset at #kalutarabeach | Img. Courtesy: einfachwunder via Instagram

The beach in Kalutara takes the limelight over the rest! The shores are sure to delight you no matter what time of the day you decide to visit. Watching the fisherman at work gives you a peek at the local’s lifestyle in the coastal areas.


Bentota Beach


Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka
Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka | Img. Courtesy: Zubkova Tetiana via Instagram

A lagoon that is separated from the inland with a few large rocks randomly spread out on the beach is exactly what Bentota beach is all about. Bentota beach is just a few kilometres away from Kalutara.


Hikkaduwa Beach


Relaxing at Hikkaduwa Beach
Relaxing at Hikkaduwa Beach | Img. Courtesy: arc_natura via Instagram

About 50 km away from Kalutara you will come across the amazing shores of Hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa beach is a major tourist hub and so, the beach tends to get overcrowded most of the time.  It also offers a very exciting atmosphere with several events taking place.


Beruwala Beach


Lovely Sunset at Beruwala Beach
Lovely Sunset at Beruwala Beach | Img. Courtesy: _alohil.ani_ via Instagram

When doing your research for the best beaches in Sri Lanka on sites like Travel Kalutara, Beruwala beach is sure to end on up on every list you look through. The beach here is simply amazing with lush vegetation towards the landside and the ideal weather to bask in the sun as long as you like.

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