Rambukkana Raja Maha Vihara – A historic icon

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This quaint and charming temple can be found near Bandaragama. Being smaller than most other prominent temples in Sri Lanka, this site did not gain popularity until recently.


Known as just another normal temple, the Rambukkana Raja Maha Vihara was a place of worship that did not attract visitors unless it was for prayers. In the year 1997, during a renovation process, the workers discovered a slab, which had inscriptions on it, albeit a bit damaged.

The Mystery Slab

historical temples in Sri Lanka
The 1st century BC slab inscription at Bandaragama Rambukkana Rajamaha Viharaya
Photo Credits: Ajith P. Perera

This slab was mostly damaged, but after reading the inscriptions, whatever were remaining anyway, the historians were lead to believe that this discovery dates back to the 1st century BC, maybe even earlier than that. Now, this also falls in the list of historical temples in Sri Lanka and can be found in local blogs.

How to get there

From Panadura, venture towards Horana, after about nine kilometres, you will be closer to the Bandaragama Junction. The Rambukkana Raja Maha Vihara is a kilometre or two ahead of the said junction. The distance from Kalutara is just 19.2 km. (Directions)

When to go

Since it is a place of worship and a historic site, you can visit during the usual prayer times of any day, but make sure you visit in silence and do not disturb the worshippers there.

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