The Unconventional Guide to Calido Beach

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Where is it?

calido beach location
The Calido beach location | Source: Google Maps

Calido beach in Kalutara is not your ordinary beach trust us on this. It is situated in a unique strip of land sandwiched in between the Kalu River and sea. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

How to get there

colombo to calido beach route
Directions from Colombo via Google Maps

Calido beach pretty easy to get to from Colombo which is just 43 Km away. So don’t forget this secluded beach escape if you’re in Colombo have a day to spare or pondering about a lovely golden sand beach tour near the capital.

Getting to the beach is easy from the main road. If you’re arriving from Colombo take the first right before the bridge and If you’re heading towards the capital from down south just take the first left after you passed the Kalutara bridge. The turning point is pretty hard to miss. If you’re taking the train you’d better get a tuk tuk or If you’re in the mood for a leisurely walk over the bridge feel free to do so.

What to Do When you get there?

Well If you’re thinking about going for a swim the Calido beach might not be an option because the sea can get really rough here as you saw in the video above. but you can have a leisurely walk, fly a kite! (literally) oh last but not least there’s a football field too. From the riverside, you can enjoy the majestic view or arrange a boat ride on Kalu River

The View of Kalu river and Kalutara Chaitya from the beach
The View of Kalu river and Kalutara Chaitya from the beach
Football court of the beach
Football court of the beach

If you’re adventurous enough go southwards as much you can you’ll be able to behold the point where Kalu River meets the sea. But mind you this beach path is blocked by overgrown Pandanus trees as you can see in the below photo so be careful.

Calido Beach looking south
Calido beach, looking south towards the Kalu River estuary

One last tip

This place is popular among the locals so avoid visiting on public holidays like poya days when It can get really crowded.

And there have been environmental concerns so, please

Take only memories and leave only footprints

Happy Travels 🙂


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