Tantra Art Gallery – An Intriguing Collection of Local Creativity

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traditional wooden head sri lanka
All Photos via Tantra art Gallery

The traditional art of Sri Lanka contains many wonders and is a very wide concept featuring a range of different disciplines encompassing pottery, carpentry and painting.

The Establishment

art galleries in north kalutara

Contained within a comfortable and vibrant facility, the Tantra Art Gallery showcases some of the finest examples of traditional Sri Lankan creative work, and contains pieces for appreciation as well as purchase.


sculptures, art gallery kalutara

The fine art of sculpting is very popular on the island, and within the gallery you will find a range of sculptures fashioned out of materials ranging from clay to ceramic, depicting everything from ordinary people to powerful deities.


wooden carvings in sri lanka

Since Sri Lanka has many dense forests, wood is in abundant supply and has been used in many forms of art. When it comes to carvings, one can discover items ranging from tiny souvenirs to elaborately executed frames depicting scenes of Lankan life carved out of a plank of wood.


sri lankan traditional masks

Commonly known as ‘Demon Masks’, these intimidating sculptures can be found outside almost any Sinhalese person’s home, and are believed to ward off evil spirits. You can find these in various sizes and shapes within the Tantra Art Gallery and even purchase specimens that suit your fancy.

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