South Asia’s tallest standing Buddha statue at Batamulla Kanda – A Monumental Buddhist Statue

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batamulla kanda buddha statue, matugama
Batamullakanda Buddha Statue stands 135 tall amidst the hillocks around Matugama | Photo by morgane_slrd

Sri Lanka is an island nation that is renowned for its Buddhist roots, as well as significance in the story of Buddhism itself, with many notable figures as well as Lord Buddha himself visiting the island.

Sri Lanka’s Buddhist History

The country’s Buddhist history spans back multiple millennia, with the island becoming a significant hub for the study and spread of Buddhism ever since the third century where the philosophy was introduced to the nation. The introduction was carried out by Mahinda Bikkhu, the son of the legendary Emperor Ashoka.

The Statue

tallest sitting buddha statue , kalutara district
The statue stands at 135 ft tall making it South Asia’s tallest sitting Buddha statue | Credit: Pasan Wijesinghe

Sri Lanka’s newest Buddhist statue is based on the famous Avukana Buddha Statue situated in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, an ancient monument that was built sometime in the 5th century. The new statue at the Batamulla Kanda International Buddhist Centre was funded by Jagath Pinnagodawitana, a Matugama UNP organiser. The height of the statue is 135 feet tall and considered the tallest Buddha statue in South Asia. (source)

batamulla kanda buddha statue matugama
Photo Credit: Kanchana Amarathunga

Fact: If you’re wondering what is the tallest sitting Buddha statue in the world, It is Spring Temple Buddha in Lushan county, China. It stands at 420 ft tall.

Meditation Centre

Below the colossal statue, a meditation centre with several cabins was built to provide dedicated areas for devotees to engage in worship or reflection; this provides isolation from the chaos of crowds rushing to see the record-breaking statue which is becoming one of the top places to visit in Kalutara.

batamulla temple stupa
The Little stupa of the Batamulla Kanda International Buddhist Center | Credit: Pasan Wijesinghe

Additional Statue

A lifelike statue of Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero was also built at the base of the main Buddha statue, to commemorate his legacy of peaceful revolution.


The temple is located just 23 km from Kalutara and It will take about 40 minutes to reach. Once in Matugama turn in to Aluthgama road and take the first left to Bandaranayake street and take the first right to Madyama street.

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